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About EpiPen® Insurance (EpiPenIns.)

Mission Statement:

The EpiPenIns. website has been born out of personal passion as well as the obvious need for a replacement or reimbursement service. We are aware of the dangers of an un-affordable EpiPen® - and the final results if one isn´t available when needed.

9 times out of 10, it is only a ´financial´issue - as so often in critical health situations - with fatal consequences.

After mathematical studies and endless statistical calculations, we are able to offer a EpiPen® reimbursement service on a membership basis. We are not connected to any manufacturer, neither are we a sales or distribution company. We purely help individuals to an EpiPen® replacement or financial compensation - at any given scenario, world-wide.


1. Fill in the cover form:

Like any insurance, replacement cover or warranty, some personal information needs to be collected.  We cover countries world-wide, please ensure that you fill in the form correctly to avoid any delays in receiving either products or payments.


2. Approval:

Our approval process is straight forward. As near as it can be to 100%, for legal reasons we can only quote 99.9%. Generally, we respond within 2 - 4 hours, however, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. We look at every application in person, there is no automated email response. Consequently, the process might take a bit longer. Rest assured, we will communicate back to you, please ensure that your email and telephone details are correct.

Epipen insurance application

3. Coverage:

The EpiPen® Reimbursement Service is based on membership. As long as the registered member has paid the contribution, we will honor EpiPen® replacements and/or financial compensation. There is no restriction to physical location. There is no need to tell us if you go on holiday, etc.


4. Exclusions:

We do not cover any replacements or payouts within 14 days of becoming a member. We have a social responsibility, help and care. We do not delay payments, unless there are indications of fraudulent activities.

epipen insurance cover

5. When and what to claim:

Claiming is easy. Members can claim via the website, there are no fees for the reimbursement. Click "Replace" - We take care of the rest.

Delivered as soon as possible. Paid products require a copy or original of the receipt, plus an image of the used pen. Payments are instantly, via e-payment or bank transfer.


6. Money and payments:

Any member is entitled to the compensation as we offer. We use sophisticated systems to avoid fraud - sadly - it is very common. On average, replacements are distributed within 24 to 48 hours, payments are issued within 48 hours maximum. To help yourself, please fill in all details as accurate as possible, this will speed up any process.

epipen payout


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As long as you are paying member, reimbursement for an EpiPen® is guaranteed - up to 4 times per year. Depending on your membership level, you are entitled for a free EpiPen® once in any 12 month period. Reimbursements are transferred within 48 hours, emergency replacements to the address of registration.

What does reimbursement mean?

We offer a replacement and compensation service for our members. The easiest, most effective option is to use the reimbursement service - there are no additional fees. Emergency shipments are instant once authorized - world-wide. Payments are via transfers or e-payments only. We do not send cash or use PayPal.

Is the replacement a genuine EpiPen®?

All replacements are genuine. EpiPen® have traceable serial numbers. In some countries similar products are used or manufactured under license. Alternatively, you can always purchase an EpiPen® and send us the receipt for compensation.

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