Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As long as you are paying member, reimbursement for an EpiPen® is guaranteed - up to 4 times per year. If you enrolled to  VIP membership level, you are entitled for a free EpiPen® once in any 12 month period. Reimbursements are transferred within 48 hours, emergency replacements to the address of registration.

What does reimbursement mean?

We offer a replacement and compensation service for our members. The easiest, most effective option is to use the reimbursement service - there are no additional fees. Emergency shipments are instant once authorized - world-wide. Payments are via transfers or e-payments only. We do not send cash or use PayPal. For more information, use the pricing link.

Is the replacement a genuine EpiPen®?

All replacements are genuine. EpiPen® have traceable serial numbers. In some countries similar products are used or manufactured under license. Alternatively, you can always purchase an EpiPen® and send us the receipt for compensation.

How does the compensation work?

Our membership is similar to any other insurance. You can only claim for registered EpiPens, make sure you submit the correct serial numbers at point of joining. To claim, you will need to submit a receipt and an image of the used EpiPen. Once confirmed, we reimburse the amount claimed within 48 hours.

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