Mylan Pharmaceuticals, facing widespread pressure this summer from consumers and political leaders, just announced that it is expanding discounts for its highly profitable EpiPen product. The EpiPen is an auto-injecting device prescribed to people with allergies. It injects a dose of epinephrine when jabbed against the thigh, thereby warding off the life-threatening anaphylactic shock that can occur when, say, someone with a nut allergy unknowingly ingests a cookie with some ground-up almonds inside. After coming under fire from parents, consumer groups , and high-profile politicians for gouging customers with outrageously expensive EpiPens, Mylan announced on Thursday that it is expanding a discount savings card program. The card, which used to offer a $100 savings on an EpiPen two-pack, will soon be valid for a $300 savings. EpiPen retail prices vary, but generally run around $600 a pack, so the new promotion basically amounts to a 50% discount. The move comes after weeks in which the media (including yours truly ) has been calling attention to how outrageously expensive EpiPens have gotten— prices are up more than 500% in less than a decade, with retail prices now at $600, even $700 for a pack of two. Families generally need two packs for each allergy sufferer (one for home, one to leave at school), and the cost is a huge burden. Some parents reported that they would spend more than $2,000 this year on EpiPens, and this is not a one-time expenditure because EpiPens expire annually. “It’s gouging parents about their [...]